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Integrated Test Solutions C-Model Interface (CMI)

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VME C-Model Interface is a dramatic new approach in developing digital functional test programs. CMI is a complete software interface program designed to develop and modify test programs in a non-simulated environment directly on the Device Under Test (DUT).

By using plug-in style bus interface modules the user can quickly interact with the DUT using standard type interfaces such as VME, RS232, GBIB, PCI, 1553 or any custom interface can quickly be developed. This approach drastically reduces development and integration time.

Integrated Test Solutions has demonstrated the powerful capabilities of this new approach from simple to very complex circuit card assemblies including Commercial Off the shelve (COTS) cards.

This application program interface (API) uses the Digital Test Instrument (DTI) as a VMEbus or other interface sub system. The API allows the DTI to communicate with circuit card assemblies (CCA's) using standard communication protocols. The API emulates bus activity via an internal state machine and manifests the bus activity dynamically through the digital test instrument. The API will provides test developers with a high level programming environment to develop or re-host tests. Advanced test sets will become more feasible due to the APIs ability to be used in both C and C++ based development environments.

Below is a development flow:


The following is an example of a VME implementation using Labwindows CVI







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