ITS offers a wide range of custom software products.

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ITS services range from consulting to Hardware and Test Program Development.

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Test Program Development


ITS provides full service custom TPS development for all types of digital modules, and specializes in advanced architectures. Our services include netlist creation, custom device modeling, Interface Test Adapter design and development, simulation, Automated and fault Probe Isolation, fault grading and tester integration. ITS test programs have full diagnostic capabilities, both trace and fault dictionary diagnostics. JTAG Boundary Scan and Cluster test approaches.

ITS has extensive experience in VXI Based, L2XX, L3XX, HP3070, IFTE and Consolidated Automated Support Systems (CASS) integration for all types of modules, including ceramic (S.E.M.), dual sided, dip and surface mount on mechanical and vacuum fixtures.

Our TPS services are tailored to the development of advanced functional tests for the most complicated module architectures. Microprocessor based, multi-peripheral, multi-ASIC, and multi-protocol designs are our specialty. ITS's proficiency in the area or modeling and simulation development allow us to handle the most complicated modules from a system level.


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