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ITS services range from consulting to Hardware and Test Program Development.

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Hardware Development

custom FPGA Design

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A sample of some of our Video and Telecommunications projects are described below. Additional project information including Industrial Control projects are available by emailing

Architected & designed sections of the Nuko MPEG to ATM mux. The design was a VME based system that took 9 video inputs of MPEG data and statistically muxed them onto OC3. The work involved the ATM section of the module and was implemented with Altera 9000 series FPGA's. Patent Digital Video TDMA Mux 6,088,360.

Nuko ATM MPEG-2 Demultiplexer - AAL5 reassembly of MPEG-2 video streams from a 155MB/s (OC-3) link. Wrote all ATM firmware using C and Assembly for LSI ATMizer SAR, designed FPGAs using Verilog to implement serial data protocol and handle OAM messaging and monitor interface.

Architected & designed sections of the Artel CS155M. The CS155M was Altera 10kXXX based design that delivered 64 MPEG video streams and muxed them onto OC3. The system features a context switching, multi-threaded ATM atomizer interface with table based traffic shaping . The interface used a SUNI chip for the ATM PHY and interfaced with the CS155M switch fabric. The interface also incorporated a Utopia arbiter to allow Odetics expansion cards to be used.

Architected & designed sections of the Artel CS155D. The CS155D received multiple MPEG video streams over OCS3 and de-multiplexed them onto multiple ASI interfaces. Designed a custom, patented ATM interface to perform multi-layer switching functions on an AAL-5 encapsulated MPEG video stream. Patent pending Digital Video Packet Network 20020024970 .

Architected AAL-1 Digital Video Broadcast(DVB) demultiplexer to accept an
interleaved Reed-Solomon encoded video stream and perform error correction
and transport stream reconstruction.

Frame-Relay Module - An interface for 6 T1/E1 ports to an Ethernet
interface. Developed FPGAs using Verilog to configure and control Motorola
PowerPC processors and to provide bus arbitration and control for PCI bus.

Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) Scrambler - Scrambling (encryption) of a
serial MPEG-2 stream. Developed proprietary host RS-232 interface using an
8051 microcontroller and custom logic to handle host processor communication and generate encryption keys. Developed all run-time code using 8051 Assembly language.

Developed a specialized hardware and software solution for a Broadband
service provider to perform clock-recovery of satellite-broadcast video for
an ATM-based video distribution network. Modified existing hardware and
wrote software application using C.



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