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ITS services range from consulting to Hardware and Test Program Development.

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Digital Simulation

I.T.S. is the most advanced LASAR simulation company in the industry. Our process of behavioral stimulus and high level simulation development is unique to the field of LASAR simulation, and is used by I.T.S. and its customers to drastically reduce TPS development time while producing extremely accurate functional test programs.

We also provide modeling solutions for the test program development and design verification. Our modeling solutions are tailored to the customer's specific application. In the manner ITS provides the best combination of price and performance to the LASAR modeling marketplace.

I.T.S. provides both full functioning and partial behavioral models for the test development and design verification. ITS engineers have many years of experience in developing behavioral models using internal behavioral pre-compiliers and advanced algorithm optimization software. Each behavioral model is verified for accuracy by comparison to actual hardware device responses. The ensures clock for clock accuracy during simulation. Behavioral models are generally tailored to the needs of the customer application so that ITS models are the best price and performance solution. Contact us for a full list of available models.



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