ITS offers a wide range of custom software products.

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ITS services range from consulting to Hardware and Test Program Development.

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Consulting Services

As a professional services company established in 1989, Integrated Test Solutions (ITS) is committed to deliver knowledge based technology services and solutions that enhance and improve the development of technology of the ATE industry and digital simulation.
ITS' Engineering Services Operations provides system engineering services for a full implementation of Testability program. ITS implements all the required phases and tasks to comply with the MIL-STD-2165, Testability Program for Electronic Systems and Equipment. These services include:

* Testability Program Planning
* Customized Testability Implementation Guides/Handbooks
* Design review and recommendations
* Inherent Testability Assessment
* Testability prediction using dependency modeling
* Testability and Built-in-Test Verification using LASAR digital simulation.

ITS is a leader in the design for test Solutions field. ITS experience spans all services' programs including: the Air Forces F-16 and Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF-22), the Navy's SHARP and LAMPS, Block II Program, and the Army's Multiple Launch Rocket System. ITS' "test for solutions" operation is staffed by personnel responsible for the development of the Joint Logistics Commanders Design For Testability training program.

Whatever your needs, consult ITS for an accurate assessment of your requirements, and our commitment and capability will support your company and your customers.


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